September 23, 2018

Canada Action

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Tell the Alberta Teachers Association to Say NO to Berman


Tell Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) President Greg Jeffery that selecting anti-oil activist, and paid pipeline obstructionist Tzeporah Berman  as the keynote speaker at the ATA conference called “Grounded in Truth, Soaring With Knowledge” is unacceptable!

This decision is an insult to Albertans, and is an insult to the parents and teachers who value a strong economy and a balance of environmental views.

The ATA’s  43,000 plus members rely on precious public resources as they act as stewards to our children. So the decision that the ATA has chosen anti-oil activist and pipeline opponent Berman as its keynoter is preposterous. Even more insulting is that her speech is described under the guise of "truth-telling and balance." It sends a hostile message to the majority of the province’s parents who support the sector.

Equally, the ATA’s selection of Berman is a slap in the face to Alberta’s most important industrial sector, to the thousands of beleaguered people it employs, and to the province as a whole. Let ATA President Jeffery know the selection of Berman deserves a solid ‘F’, and the decision to include Berman should be reversed ASAP.


Career activist and paid pipeline opponent Tzeporah Berman, who for nearly three decades has opposed the sustainable use of Canada’s natural resources from forests to mining and oil and gas, may well be the ATA’s worst example of a truth-teller. For example, here is what she told Californians only a few weeks ago about Alberta energy - via a brochure from her latest activist group Stand.Earth:

“Everyone agrees— tar sands (her words) is by far the dirtiest type of oil. It has an outsized climate impact, is terrible for air quality, and when it spills it’s significantly harder to clean up than conventional crude oil.”

‘Everyone agrees?!’ Each of these claims has been repeatedly proven. In fact, the “dirtiest oil in North America” comes from Placerita oil field, just outside LA. In California! At least six other countries have a dirtier product. With Nigeria producing the world’s dirtiest. As a matter of fact Canada supplied only 3.5 percent of California’s oil imports last year, while much of its imports originated in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Ecuador and Mexico. There’s no out-sized climate impact associated with Canadian product, and it is not harder to clean up.

Is Berman’s statement about the Oil Sands an example of what the ATA calls “grounded in truth." If it were a high school essay, it would earn a solid ‘F’ from any reasonable education professional.


Please sign this petition let ATA President Jeffery know that the selection of anti-oil activist Berman is an insulting choice for an education conference.  Particularly as the conference title is about truth and knowledge. Tell the ATA to back out of this ridiculous booking, and opt for someone who has the good of our province at heart. In addition, let the Minister of Education, David Eggen, know you do not agree with this decision.


Greg Jeffrey


David Eggen, Minister of Education


Phone: 780-451-2345

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