Board of Directors Election Process


  1. Start process at the September executive meeting.
  2. Select chairman of the nomination committee from the members of the Board which are not running for a position.
  3. Chairman will select two people to assist in finding nominees.
    1. It's preferred at least one of these is from the general membership to help ensure the nomination process is beyond reproach and open to all.
    2. This will minimize the risk of only selecting close acquaintances of the executive rather than nominees from a broader pool.
  4. Distribute the nomination forms at the September General meeting.
    1. Nomination committee will have to contact and encourage some members, the GPPA membership list will be required.
    2. Collect list of nominees
    3. Prepare ballot sheet for voters.
    4. Prepare sheet to total the votes per nominee.
  5. Have all nominees stand and be introduced prior to voting at the November Annual General meeting.
  6. Membership to complete and deposit ballots in ballot box.
  7. Count ballots and announce successful candidates.
  8. Thank all unsuccessful nominees.
  9. Thank all of the past board members for their term in office.

Nomination Forms