August 12, 2021

Congratulations to all the flight winners and a huge thank you to all the participants, the Sponsors which made everything possible and of course the volunteers which put in countless hours to make it all possible.

After a long break from any events we thank everyone for making the first one we have been able to hold since 2019 a great success.

Here are the results.

Championship Flight

  1. Mike Vincent
  2. Chance Dika
  3. Josh Garner

1st Flight

  1. Riley Sheehan
  2. Lyle Sampert
  3. Chris Hatch

2nd Flight

  1. Peter Shields
  2. Jared Staffen
  3. Blaine Biberdorf

3rd Flight

  1. Cam Cryway
  2. Ryler Hommy
  3. Joe Fournier

4th Flight

  1. Phil McGeough
  2. Leslie Johnson
  3. Terry Kindleman

5th Flight

  1. Trevor Lovas
  2. Floyd Atkinson
  3. Shane Lutz

6th Flight

  1. Jason Torangeau
  2. Brandon French
  3. Darren Oilund

7th Flight

  1. Patrick Borody
  2. Dan LeBlanc
  3. Luis Jaurez