January 25, 2013

My name is Kelly Coulter,

I am the Work Experience Coordinator for the Oil & Gas Administration Certificate program here at GPRC.

I am currently seeking practicum placement sites for our students.

I am wondering if you have any members that may be able to provide a placement site for our students.

They are required to complete 120 hours of Work Experience. All that is required of the
supervisor is to complete two performance evaluations on the student.

There is no requirement of pay.

The students attend school and work experience generally occurs in the afternoon but depends on the students schedule.

I have attached the overview for the program and a link to the course description from our
calendar for you to see the curriculum they are studying.

http://www.gprc.ab.ca/downloads/documents/GPRC_web_OilGasAdmin.pdf Thanks for

any assistance you may be able to provide. Kelly Kelly Coulter, B.ed M.ED
Instructor, School of Business Grande Prairie Regional College