November 15, 2021

Good Day Members of the Grande Prairie Petroleum Association.

We have an upcoming meeting on November 18th which is also Elections Night

Podollan Inn - Doors Open at 6 pm

COVID Restriction Exemptions are in Place at the Podollan Inn

Last year, we were not able to hold this election in person and did an online election.

This year, we can have this election in person.

The following positions are up for election this year.


President: Trevor Denis (Incumbent) – running for re-election

Secretary: Ray Mildenberger (Incumbent) – running for re-election


Andrew Snyder (Incumbent) - running for re-election

Chad Rookes: (Incumbent) - running for re-election

Trevor Siebert: (Incumbent) - running for re-election

Shannon McCrae (Incumbent) – not running for re-election


If you would like to nominate anyone for any of these positions,

please forward any phone in email nominations prior to 3 pm on the 18th to:

Garnett Barker @ 780-933-7702


More nominations will be accepted at the meeting as well.

You must be a member of the GPPA in order to vote