January 21, 2018

The Grande Prairie Petroleum Association is celebrating it's 40th Birthday this year.

As part of the GPPA's annual initiative to giving back to the community, the efforts this year is no different.

Through tireless efforts of its members and committee's funds are raised at various large events throughout each and every year.

It is these funds which are allocated to various charities which undergo a selection process which matches the criteria of the GPPA.

The recipients of this years community donations are:

PARDS $10,000.00

Big Bothers & Sisters $10,000.00

School Snack Program $10,000.00

2018 Alberta Summer Games $10,000.00

Add to this a 5 year commitment to the New Hospital in which the GPPA is funding a Ronald MacDonald type of accommodation/treatment room.

This Years Contribution is $25,000.00

Making the Donations totaling $65,000.00

Over the last number of Years the GPPA partnered with STARS, we have raised well over $1,000,000.00 to help fund STARS in the area.

GPPA President Rob Petrone added "I can’t thank the members, event chairs and volunteers enough for their time, hard work and dedication that   spend countless hours planning these events. I also have to thank all the companies that sponsor our events, without their support we would never be successful.  It’s always such a good feeling giving back to the community we live and work in , I’m sure everyone will agree with this."