November 13, 2016

Thursday November the 17th is the next General Meeting of the GPPA

It also will be the night that members choose who will sit on the board of directors for 2017

All terms are two year terms.

If you are interested in putting your name up for elections please contact Garnett Barker at (780) 897-6862

This up for election or re-election are:

Vice President - incumbent - Trevor Denis

Treasurer - incumbent - Aaron Gallagher

Directors: 5

Incumbents are:

Kelly Coney - Running for re-election

Mike Cole - Running for re-election

Marshall Radke - Running for re-election

Graham Farley Jr. - Running for re-election

Phil Troyer - Early retirement - not running for re-election - 1 year term

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Paradise Inn (Rotary Room)