March 11, 2018

Below is a list of entries to the Bonspiel -  we are at 40 team entered.

BUT we have already had some drop out and possibility of more.

So far we have 4 teams on the Waiting list.

Chances of getting into the Bonspiel are still good.

Here is the list as of the morning of April 6

1 HSE Integrated             Carl Lehr
2 Alberta Gold                 Grant McNalley
3 Wild Rows                     Duane Krysta
4 Schlumberger ALS      Ray Mildenberger
5 JDA Oilfield Hauling  Jarvie Dawson
6 Secure                            Rocky Gerlitz
7 Nitrotech                       Ernie Clough
8 Fraction                        Trevor Siebert
9 Kaidak Energy Services    Robert Sibbiston
10 Withers LP                 Lindsey Carlisle
11 Weatherford ALS      Andrew Snyder
12 Tubing Optimization Services    Tyler Friend
13 Tubing Optimization Services    Derek Arneson
14 Compass Access Solutions      Shannon McCrae
15 Kaymor                       Dave Grace
16 Vulcan Compression    Ray Cunningham
17 Greatwest Kenworth    Grant Cooper
18 PVT Group                     Brian Betchard
19 Baron Oilfield                John Patrick
20 High Arctic Energy      Trevor Barker
21 IPAC                                Ron Ward
22 LSM Lee's Sheet Metal    Mike Welsh
23 CWC                               Matthew Forbes
24 Rock Solid                    Matt Lambros
25 GPR Industries            Russ Christenson
26 Brayco Rentals             Steve Hannan
27 Quinn Well Control    Earl Hayden
28 Sanjel                             Kelvin Melsted
29 Prairie West Ventures    Carter Rycroft
30 Energi Transport Ltd     Ernie Hill
31 Vertex                                Dwayne Krefting
32 Global Machine & Supply     Jared Mouille
33 Nalco Champion London     Craig London
34 ASAP                             Joe Navakowski
35 HD Energy Rentals    Steve Bateman
36 Drawing a Blank         Dick Baillie
37 Zedcor Energy Services     Gordie Crowe
38 BHD Tubular       Brian Toles
39 Nalco Champion Schwindt      Garth Schwindt
40 CJ-CSM                Chad Rookes